Welcome to the play test beta of Clear Team Z!

Clear Team Z was dreamt up to be a zombie survival game with crafting elements where you will have to clear out town and collect items to craft and build your way into a better future. 

This test version places you in a town that you have to clear out. Collect any coins you find and kill as many zombies you see but watch your ammo! You'll get bonus points if you survive the full 3 minutes.

This is to test the shooting and basic game mechanics.

The current game controls and goals are:

I am a one man dev who had no dev experience at the start of 2018. During that time I have been learning pixel art and game maker. To help me on my journey I asked the talented pigeonhat (artist) and scowsh (sound) to help make this a reality!

The quality of the work they have produced is amazing.

The current build of this game will have bugs and the sound is in a very early stage of development so in now way complete but I was happy to release this for public testing, feedback and ideas.

During early testing some people noticed a lag in the browser so I am also providing an exe file for anyone who wants to play this on their PC.

We hope you enjoy the game and happy zombie blasting!!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsPixelShorts, scowsh, pigeonhat
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Average sessionA few minutes


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Love this version PS, its come along nicely from the test you sent us. The town has a whole different feel, its cool. I vote for keep the short range of the axe but make it a one hit kill!

Really cool game so far :D
Only got to 470 Score XD
There are 2 bugs though:
#1 the vertical fence pieces will lock your vertical movement, if you are too close (or horizontal movement at the T intersections)
#2 Zombies seem to spawn even where collisions are (eg. in fences, houses, the trees at the room border)


thanks Zug!

Yeah i'm aware of all those problems. I think I rushed getting a playable release out. 

I plan on tearing it down and building the map up before I drop any of the objects. I'll then make sure the collisions are working correctly and the spawn is right. Currently it's random but I may try and make them appear from specific areas rather than anywhere they like!

Glad you enjoyed it and I plan on adding much more to this.

It's really good for what it is! Fun and engaging! I had only 2 minor inconveniences: 

1) When you start the game again after playing once, the blood from the other game stays on the floor and it looks weird, like glitchy. I assume this is a bug? 

2) The axe is really hard to use since it has very low range and it's slow, so the enemies will almost certainly bite you If you try to fight with it, I think adding a little more range will fix that. 

But I really enjoyed the game it was fun :)  

thanks for the feedback!

I never noticed the blood issue so i'll look into that as that's definitely a bug!

The axe was also planned to chop trees but as I haven't got that far I chose it for melee. I should have really put a knife in or something a bit better.

Glad you enjoyed playing it though and I plan to improve on this and make this a much bigger game in time.

I'm still learning dev so it's a long road. Thanks again.