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Having been sent to get the shopping by his loving and devoted wife; Naked Little Dude manages to lose himself in a good book on the way home. 'The Big Book of Wallslides'.

Unfortunately he also manages to lose the shopping he got and his wife isn't exactly happy about it.

Quick to throw the book away in disgust and scold Naked Little Dude his wife sends him off on an adventure to go and find the missing shopping.

However it would appear that the local wildlife has started to act very strangely and all may not be as it seems.

Join Naked Little Dude on an epic adventure of discovery and fun and see where his adventures take him.



Left: A or Left Arrow or GamePad(Left/Left Analogue)

Right: D or Right Arrow or GamePad(Right/Rightt Analogue)

Jump: Space or Enter or GamePad(A/X)

Pause: Escape or GamePad(Start)


Naked Little Dude's Journey:

Each level starts red in the overworld. On completion the level will turn green. If you collect the piece of shopping on the level it will turn yellow.

Each level also has 3 statues to collect. These are also displayed on the left of the level in the overworld. By default they are red and they turn green after collection.

Collecting 50 gems will gift Naked Little Dude with an extra life to aid him on his journey. Lives will allow Naked Little Dude to respawn at a checkpoint if you have touched it. Having no lives available will return him to the overworld and you will have to start the level again.

For anyone hoping to complete this demo to 100% there are things you can't collect because they are in places you can't reach until Naked Little Dude has the abilities to collect them. They will come later in the game.


About Us:

You can currently support Naked Little Dude on Kickstarter!

The current build of Naked Little Dude is just the first world with plans to  expand this to a further 5 or 6.

There may still be a few bugs to iron out so any feedback would be appreciated too.

I am a solo dev so development on this is squeezed in to my normal life which I can sometimes struggle to fit in. 

That said the main build is now done so adding onto this should hopefully get easier.

Sound on this has been done by Scowsh whom I have worked with on other projects and who never fails to impress with music and has given this game a unique feel.

I hope you enjoy Naked Little Dude  and any support you can give to this project is much appreciated.


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This is cute and pretty PG. #pixelart nudity is not really explicit. :) Good luck with the KS!