Swim Fish Swim! was an idea my 8 year old (she was 7 at the time she thought of this) for a game.

She wanted to have a fish that could collect keys to open doors and collect a coin.

The whole concept of this game was by her and all of the art was also done by her.

I wanted to change bits (particularly the colour! OUCH!) but I was told i wasn't allowed!!

So I honoured her wishes and the game is exactly how she intended it to be.

The aim is to collect the coloured keys, open the matching doors and collect the yellow coin to finish.

All I have done here is build the game for her and I learnt a lot from doing this. She keeps asking me if this has 'sold' so I thought I best put it on Itch so she could see that I had released it for her.

Use the arrow keys to move. That's the only controls you need!



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This is some e-sports material right here

The game was really fun, and it was funny how the fish wanted the coin so badly. It was kinda hard in some places, but I got through them and when I beat the game I felt really happy!

This game is sooooo good! I loved everything about it especially the art. Keep up the amazing work <3

Nice concept! Good difficultly level too - keep up the good work!

this game was amazing! wow, i liked the colors! that was hard, but i did it at least

This game is awesome! It was really challenging and super fun to play!!


Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!